Elima الیما سازنده و تامین کننده تجهیزات اتوماسیون برش و جوش، رباتیک و لیزر. انواع سی ان سی برش: هواگاز، پلاسما، فایبر لیزر، راسته بر و لوله بر Cutting CNC, Fiber Laser, Plasma, Flame,Pipe Cutter

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We are looking for individuals who are eager to develop and apply their skills to create buildings where people live, work and play. If you think big. we would like to hear from you.

Build Your Future

Whatever the skyline, building or experience that first sparked your interest in construction, we are pleased that you are interested in Our Construction Company. Every project starts with a team of dedicated employees. We are looking for individuals who are eager to develop their skills and apply them together to create the buildings where people play, work, learn and live. More than Construction Naturally, We are interested in candidates with backgrounds related to construction management or engineering. But, like any other company, we are also looking for individuals in fields like finance, accounting, human resources and business development. As you browse the opportunities available at Our Company you may be surprised by the range of possibilities open to you. We know it takes a diverse team to build the future and we are looking for all types of talent to contribute.